Getting Started

Thinking about registering your dog to become a dog scientist? Looking for more information? Look no further! Here we will provide answers to some of your questions and tell you how to get started. 

What are the IWU Dog Scientists? What do you do? ​


In our lab we're interested in learning more about how our dogs think, reason, and make decisions. Our dog research is all fun for your dog -- they get to play with new toys, interact with people who love dogs, and even get delicious treats! 


Some of our studies involve showing dogs a puppet show, other studies involve dogs making a choice between two or more outcomes, in other studies we give dogs toys to play with and see how they interact with them, and we even have a team of about 20 dogs who know how to use the computer! 

Where do you do these studies? And how long do they take? 

We work primarily in our lab space on campus with plenty of room for our projects so we are also recruiting for dogs to come in to campus. These studies generally take anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes depending on the study. Our new lab is in Shaw Hall on IWU's campus. 

Sometimes we go on 'field trips' to study dogs in other locations (dog daycare facilities, dog shows, pet stores, etc.). If you have a suggestion for a location for such a field trip, please let us know! 

How do I get started? 

It's very easy to get started! Just fill out the enrollment form and wait for an email from us. Once we receive the enrollment we will be in touch very soon to talk about next steps.