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Selected Publications

Silver, Z.A.*, Furlong, E.E., Johnston, A.M. & Santos, L.R. (2020). Training differences predict dogs’ (Canis lupus familiaris) preferences for prosocial others. Animal Cognition.

Jia, R., Furlong, E.E., Gao, S., Santos, L. & Levy, I. (2020). Learning about the Ellsberg Paradox reduces, but does not abolish, ambiguity aversion. PLOS One 15(3), e0228782. 

Furlong, E.E., Silver, Z.A. & Furlong, J. (2018). Anthropocentrism as Cognitive Dissonance in Animal Research? A commentary on Zentall. Animal Sentience

Furlong, E.E., AuBuchon, S*, Kraut, J.*, Joiner, N.*, Knowles, J.*, Lewis, K.*, Win, M.*, & Furlong, J. (2015). If you build it they will come: Fostering comparative psychology at small liberal arts institutions. Commentary: “A crisis in comparative psychology: Where have all the undergraduates gone?” Frontiers in Comparative Psychology

Furlong, E.E. & Opfer, J.E. (2013). Cooperation decreases with development of number sense. In M. Knauff, M. Pauen, N. Sebanz, & I. Wachsmuth (Eds.), Proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society. 

Opfer, J.E. & Furlong, E.E. (2011). How numbers bias preschoolers’ spatial search. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 42, 682-695. 

Opfer, J.E., Thompson, C.A. & Furlong, E.E. (2010). Early development of spatial-numeric associations: Evidence from spatial and quantitative performance of preschoolers. Developmental Science, 13, 761-771.

Furlong, E.E. & Opfer, J.E. (2009). Cognitive constraints on how economic rewards affect cooperation. Psychological Science, 20, 11-16. 

Bulloch, M.J., Furlong, E.E., & Boysen, S.T. (2008). The effects of enculturation on chimpanzees’ understanding of visual attention. Animal Behaviour, 76, 1147-1155. 

Furlong, E.E., Boose, K.J., & Boysen, S.T. (2008). Raking it in: The impact of enculturation on chimpanzees’ tool use. Animal Cognition, 11, 83-97. 

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“Human Nature Rubs off on Chimps” (June, 2007). Live Science.